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          Hot key words: BG Series High efficient Coating machine |  TTXJ Vacuum mixer  |  V Type mixing machine
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          Heat treatment equ
          High efficient Coa
          Fluidization granu...
          Granulating equipm
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          Company main products:Vibration fluidized bed dryer,Double cone vacuum drying machine,Spray drier,Grinding wheel curing furnace,High efficiency mill.Pharmaceutical equipment is mainly used for water injection, oral liquid, tablet, injection, infusion production line with a set of scientific research, production as a whole, according to the different needs of customers design, product development.
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          Nanjing Sky Tower Equipment Co., Ltd. Located in Nanjing-an ancient city with developed economy, Nanjing Sky Tower Equipment Co., Ltd is a key enterprise in Chinese pharmaceutical and chemical machinery industry. Now, we mainly produce seventeen categories and over eighty kinds of mechanical-electrical-integrated product. Our main products are Vibration fluidized bed dryer...
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          Welcome to our company website!
          Welcome to our company website!2016-10-08
          Welcome to our company website!2016-10-08
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          Nanjing Sky Tower Equipment Co., Ltd.
          Add:Jing'an Economic Development Park, Qixia District, Nanjing, China
          Tel:+86-25-57712759     Mobil:+86-13337813756/13512513418
          Fax:+86-25-57712796     E-mail:1078728427@qq.com      wwd@njttjx.com
          URL:www.njttyj.com  unitech.net.cn

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